Chalking Crosses

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Chalking Crosses (1993)

A Belfast family rips itself apart when siblings become involved with people they should know better not to. There are offers you can’t refuse, there are feelings you can’t ignore.

And there are consequences you can’t avoid.
Chalking Crosses script

Nominated in the category Best New Play in the Manchester Evening News Awards 1995

It’s an enormously powerful piece, beautifully written straight from the gut… its high levels of theatricality reveal a firm grasp of the notion that our troubled times require dramatic forms that are just that bit more challenging. Manchester Evening News

Staged at the Contact Theatre, Manchester as part of the ‘Hothouse’ Summer Workshops 1995

From the Archives Hub:

The 1995 workshops centred on the Hothouse Writers’ Festival at Contact Theatre, Manchester. This was a collaborative venture designed to present a month of new writing at the theatre. The plays that were workshopped in 1995 were as follows:The Kindness of Mrs Stein, by Michael Fox; Chalking Crosses, by Spencer Hazel; The Maginot Line, by Ted Moore; Menagerie, by James Winstanley and Carrying On, by Janet Goddard. The Writers’ Festival included platform discussions and seminars as well. The 1995 workshops were the only ones to be organised by Jonquil Panting, Director of North West Playwrights from the end of 1994 to late 1995.

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