Godzilla (soundtrack)

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Godzilla by Yasuhiko Ohashi

Crow’s Theatre Company at the Factory Theatre, Toronto (2002)

Following a series of rehearsed readings by Crow’s Theatre of Yasuhiko Ohashi’s play Godzilla at The Japan Foundation in Toronto in 2001, it was decided to stage a full production of the play, with Crow’s and The Japan Foundation co-producing. In 2002, this production opened at Factory Theatre, Toronto.

I worked on the sound and visual design for the initial readings, and Crow’s subsequently commissioned the new soundtrack (a separate soundtrack was created for the rehearsed readings).

List of collaborators

The tracks included here are a selection from the 2002 production.

For those interested, you can read about the background to the production, in
Wetmore, Kevin J. (2006) “Our First Kiss Had a Radioactive Taste”: Ohashi Yasuhiko’s Gojira in Japan and Canada. In William M. Tsutsui & Michiko Ito (eds), In Godzilla’s Footsteps: Japanese Pop Culture Icons on the Global Stage, Palgrave MacMillan, 127-138 LINK
A selection of the music can be found here:

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