Phantom Limb

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2021 Performance (UK) & Theatre Gargantua (Canada)

Phantom Limb explores the impact of loss and separation in our lives and probes why what is lost is never truly gone. The story is that of an artist/writer, John Mackie, whose poetic work “Phantom Limb” overtook his life. Six friends of his conjure up the missing John from memory and photographs, slowly revealing who he was and how his life influenced each of theirs.

Integrating text, choreography, live and recorded music, and video projection, the co-production between 2021 Performance (UK) and Theatre Gargantua (Canada) premiered as part of a month long tour of England and Wales featuring stops in Manchester, Liverpool and a week-long engagement at London’s Riverside Studios. It made its Canadian Premiere at Artword Theatre in Toronto.

Created and performed by: Erica Buss, Michael Spence, Diane Niec, Spencer Hazel, Cait Davis, Geoff McBride and Jacquie P.A. Thomas; Text by Spencer Hazel, with contributions by Jane Siberry and Michael Timmins; Directed by Jacquie P.A. Thomas; Movement, Spencer Hazel; movement consultant, Christine Devaney; Set design by Michael Spence; Music by Erica Buss, Spencer Hazel & The Ensemble; Costume Design: Erika Connor


    “…this is a work full of affection and also some pain, with the anguish of loss humorously offset by memories of physical pain, through a recurring motif of broken limbs.” Manchester Evening News

    “…a strong and extremely watchable cast… exhilarating dance moves… expressed superbly in dance and song… A fantastic musical accompaniment… enticing performance…” Manchester on Stage

    “…great performances from the ensemble and a chance to see something oddly moving that is not available anywhere else.” The British Theatre Guide

    “L’auteur, qui est aussi choreographe, eclairagiste et comedien, a un talent fou qu’il communique a toute I’equipe qui se hausse a son niveau pour faite la piece un des plus beaux spectacles multi-medias de la saison.” L’Express

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