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Scratch – 2021 Performance

Valentine’s Day 1998. Two friends find themselves in a room away from everybody else. They think they knew one another. But as the night gets under their skin, secrets are extracted, both those hidden from others, or those hidden from themselves.

Scratch reveals the performances we put on to keep the outside world from getting in. The carefully managed surface that masks the truths beneath.

A must-see for lonely minds, lonely hearts. What was it Dean sang – memories are made of this? The Belfast Newsletter


Scratch was 2021’s first independent production, and toured the UK and Northern Ireland in 1998 and 1999. It was featured in The British Council Showcase in Edinburgh 1999.


Created by

Juan Carrascoso
Cait Davis
Spencer Hazel
Miriam Martin
Trevor Turton

Performed by

Cait Davis
Spencer Hazel
Romy Tennant

Choreography: Juan Carrascoso & Miriam Martin
Script: Spencer Hazel
Set & Lighting design: Trevor Turton
Soundtrack: Eliot Lee Hazel
Administration: Mandy Edwards
Technical & Production Management: Trevor Turton
Jonathan Littlejohn (poster/flyer) & Trevor Turton (production shots)

Hauntingly beautiful… amazingly evocative theatre… the effect is awe-inspiring… really inventive… pure brilliance. The Manchester Evening News

it’s really amazing how, in the process, we keep discovering echoes of ourselves. All those defensive-aggressive ploys we use to keep other people from getting too close, knowing us too well, when all the time we crave closeness and familiarity… A funny, edgy, perceptive show. The Herald

a higher standard of script, personal tweaks to the characters, and some impressively rigorous acrobatics. Birmingham Telegraph

more brutal and all-encompassing than mere words can describe. Belfast Telegraph

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