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Working Progress – interaction in creative settings, creativity in interaction

This project seeks to investigate social practices of collaborative work carried out in professional settings within the creative industries.

Field of practice 1: Theatre settings

Rationale for study

Although theatre practitioners and researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences are both heavily engaged in studies and representation of social interaction, to date very little has been done to explore how these two fields can draw on one another’s skills. This project seeks to open up a new area of research, situated at the intersection of social interaction and the theatre arts. The aim is to explore how the expertise of the theatre practitioner can benefit the social sciences, and vice versa, and how the collaborative nature of theatre practice can be applied to other workplace settings.

General project aims
  1. To identify best practices, in order to provide the related professional fields with a better understanding of the processes of collaborative creative endeavour.
  2. To draw on work processes identified in creative collaborations to be able to inform collaborative work practices in other professional areas, including R&D, business, project management, education etc.
  3. To further explore more fundamental research topics in social interaction studies, for example, humour, conflict talk, physical movement, affiliation/disaffiliation, gesture, expressivity, turn-taking, learning.
Target settings for research
  • the creative industries (theatre, dance, architecture, opera, music, photography, etc.)
  • the private sector (collaborative project work, collective imagining, negotiation, team work etc.)

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