Edinburgh Evening News on Seizer


Morag Fleming

Edinburgh Evening News, 21 August 1997

BOILERHOUSE prefer to call their pieces “performances” as opposed to theatre, and that’s appropriate because this performance of Seizer is unlike any theatre I have ever seen.

It draws comparison between the Romans killing people to entertain the masses and today’s public fascination with human suffering on TV. The news and talkshows such as Oprah are exaggerated to expose┬ásickness in our voyeuristic society. Pros and cons then. Tam Dean Burn is chillingly brilliant as the insincere TV presenter and sleazy┬áconductor of the pain. The experience is intense and extraordinary and the themes are deeply layered.

The show is dark, nasty, and disturbing. Some walked out. It also tries to pack in too much, resulting in a poor structure.

Not for anyone easily upset but a fascinating performance.