The Guardian on Flesh


Lyn Gardner

The Guardian, August 1996

There were plenty of punters piling out of Frantic Assembly’s show who seemed disappointed by the lack of bare flesh. This is not Voyeurz. Frantic’s tour to the nether regions offers something altogether more interesting, intelligent, sexy and sad: a lippy, witty 80 minutes of dynamic dance theatre from the Volcano clones that examines sex as a marketable commodity where the exchange of bodily fluids is just another transaction in the shopfront of life.

Four performers rap, suck, lick, give us their apparent life stories, kiss, pout, discuss prostitution, handcuff each other to beds, fondle, throw each about the stage, and jump about with their trousers around┬átheir ankles to the accompaniment of a pounding score – Mozart and The Carpenters. Their clothes get hung on meathooks; your preconceptions and prejudices are not let down so gently. A brash, confident, shove-it-in-your-face show. Highly recommended.