The Herald on Klub

Klub, Cottier Theatre, Glasgow

AFTER its success at this year’s Fringe, Swansea-based Frantic Theatre Company has brought Klub back to Scotland as part of the International Festival of University Theatre. Klub is a high-energy trip into the sexy, sweaty world of club culture.

Six young men and women using a mixture of dance, mime, dialogue and the raw energy of their bodies recreate the fragmented world of a jilted generation. We are shown an alienated youth who has grown up in an era where the sterility of the mobile phone and the answering machine have supplanted one-to-one communication.Played out on a smoke-filled stage that is steeped in the sounds of techno and technology and illuminated with spotlights and flashes of colour, Klub exposes the emptiness at the core of the ”me” generation. Snippets of personal histories fight to be heard and words of desire are replaced by the lyrics of a pop song echoing from a tinny tape recorder.

We are shown snapshots of a world inhabited by bingeing anorexics, single mothers, and frustrated TV starlets, a world where the yuppie and the unemployed collide, a world ultimately bereft of hope. Using a soundscape devised in collaboration with Hacienda DJ Andy Cleeton and the taut physicality of Stephen Kirkham’s choreography, Frantic has created an energetic and impressionistic performance that is exhilarating to watch. Perfectly paced for an audience brought up on a diet of MTV, Klub’s message seems to be that the youth culture of the 1990s has created a generation that feels, as one character put it, ”disheartened, disillusioned and disowned”.

Generation X has given way to generation why.