The Herald on Klub

Klub, Calton Centre

 SIX friends.
A single mum, a bulimic, a TV soap star who’s miserable — this is Generation ”?”, where some have jobs, others don’t and there’s a sense of being Generation Lost, Generation Betrayed, Generation Unnecessary. There’s only one place where it feels right, one place where they can be happy — the Klub.Ignore the beginning which casts a shadow of moody posey-ness over this production by Frantic Theatre. Once the piece is up and running — there’s a lot of fast, clever movement in Klub — it takes on an engaging humanity, full of humour yet tinged with the real despair of feeling the world doesn’t want to know about you, your hopes or your problems. I went to this because it fitted a time slot on my schedule. I came away vastly impressed and smiling.