The Independent on Seizer


Mike Higgins

The Independent, 19 August 1997

At last, a show that’s louder, bolder and nastier than its flyer claims and, unsurprisingly, it comes from Boilerhouse, who last year brought us the Irvine Welsh collaboration, Headstate.

A brazenly slick rendering of Spencer Hazel’s Mad Max-meets-Kilroy script, Seizer offers an epic 21st-century son et lumiere: careering spotlights, armoured cars, video projections and techno music pound the senses in an 18th-century quad.

Tam Dean Burn’s Seizer has accidentally bumped off the “guests” of his Oprah-style show, so he turns his attentions to revealing his Gladiator- like assistants’ darkest secrets for our delectation. There’s evidently an angry intelligence at work here.┬áHazel’s Roman Circus idiom neatly caricatures the decadence of tabloid TV, while the faces of humiliated subjects shown on a 30ft-high screen question the voyeurism demanded by the medium. It may line up a sitting target, but Seizer delivers its coup de grace with a gratifying, state-of-the-art relish.