The List on Seizer


Claire Prentice

The List, 1997

Gate-crashing other people’s emotional debris is a popular sport these days with the media obliging with a parade of blood and tears. Exploring this sating of gutter-instincts, Boilerhouse combine Oprah-style confessional with coliseum blood-baying. Charismatic and sadistic Seizer puts three dancing bears through their paces, twisting the knife by dredging up old wounds, all the while
goading the audience to join in the game.

Photograph: Jonathan LittlejohnWith flaming torches, camera close-ups and pumping soundtrack, the promenade production is not always successful in combining public spectacle with intimate emotion, but emanates raw energy through its titillating and disarming truth onslaught. Think again before jumping on the couch with Kilroy.