CALPIU Storehouse

The CALPIU Storehouse is a database of video data recorded in a wide range of settings in an internationalizing university, and created as part of the Research Centre for Cultural and Linguistic Practices in the Internationalized University (CALPIU). The settings include lectures, project group meetings, supervisor meetings, help desk service encounters, language classrooms, counselling meetings, informal settings and interactions, student presentations, and additional sociolinguistic interviews focusing on the topic of university internationalization. In total, some 360 hours of data were recorded, with approximately 10% of this transcribed in the transcription software CLAN.


Slides to a paper presentation about the CALPIU Storehouse given by Julie de Molade, Anne Fabricius, Janus Mortensen and myself, are available here

Storehouse paper CALPIU’12 – 04.04.12

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