CLAN transcription


The CLAN transcription tool is a software tool that enables transcripts to be temporally aligned with the original media file, and provides for a range of analytic functions with which to treat the data. It was developed by Brian MacWinney and his team at Carnegie Mellon University.

CLAN workshops

Together with Janus Mortensen, I have been running CLAN workshops for students and academics at a number of universities in Europe and Japan. These hands-on workshops are usually run over two or three days, and introduce researchers to the tool, taking them through the various steps through which they can use the tool for their own projects.

Over time we have developed a body of resources – easy-step tutorials with associated exercises for each – which we use for the workshops, and for consultancy work we carry our for research projects run by others.

The manual, featuring a step-by-step guide and introduction sheets for many of the analytic tools, can be downloaded here:

CLAN Manual

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