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“.. an experience which sates a generation’s demand for visceral, angry, intelligent theatre.” The Guardian on Seizer

“No company working in Britain today has done so much to make theatre accessible and relevant to a generation of Twenty-Somethings” Big Issue on The Generation Trilogy

“It’s like a bomb going off. An explosion of visceral energy and uncompromising political writing; a spike of loathing and contempt banged hard into the complacent heart of theatre… rabid, brutal, restless.” The Scotsman on Seizer

“…uses dance, speech, film, live music and an ingenuously simple set… pulverising, overwhelming, …left a very big trace indeed in my mind.” Daily Telegraph on Without Trace

“Going by the number of young hipsters packing the Assembly Rooms for this, his company’s latest offering of raw dance and fast-talking, street-wise soul exposure, the wordsmith Spencer Hazel is achieving his goal: he is attracting a generation more at home in clubs back to the theatre.” The Scotsman on Flesh

“There is obviously an angry intelligence here… delivers its coup de grace with a gratifying state of the art relish.” The Independent on Seizer

“It’s an enormously powerful piece, beautifully written straight from the gut… its high levels of theatricality reveal a firm grasp of the notion that our troubled times require dramatic forms that are just that bit more challenging.” Manchester Evening News on Chalking Crosses

“L’auteur, qui est aussi choreographe, eclairagiste et comedien, a un talent fou qu’il communique a toute I’equipe qui se hausse a son niveau pour faite la piece un des plus beaux spectacles multi-medias de la saison.” L’Express on Phantom Limb

“ not theatre for the faint-hearted., a ferocious display of energy., the ingredients of mime, stand-up, dance and dialogue whipped up into an exhilarating spectacle., portrayed with astonishing verve and humour, terrifically enjoyable theatre that really engages with an audience.” TimeOut on KLUB

“.. a challenging and spectacularly well performed piece of dance theatre. Spencer Hazel’s script is sheer poetry, quite one of the most compelling pieces of word-smithery I have heard in a long time.” The Herald on Flesh

“hauntingly beautiful… amazingly evocative theatre., the effect is awe-inspiring., really inventive., pure brilliance.” Manchester Evening News on scratch

“…touching, embarrassing, amusing and disturbing… serves it up with style, ingenuity, honesty and skill… Spencer Hazel has shaped the work with a crackingly clever and entertaining script, almost Elizabethan in its inventiveness.” The Stage on Flesh

“… an original and richly hybrid theatre that layers film, text, movement and music, erasing the lines between them, and delivering a punchy, provocative and frequently overwhelming experience.”  Evening Standard on Without Trace

“Witty and to the point… more brutal and encompassing than mere words can describe… highly accomplished performances” Belfast Telegraph on scratch

..hardcore ballet meets contemporary drama., this nail-biting exploration has already had such acclaim it’s hard to know what to add, except it is surprisingly accessible and at once dark, erotic and funny.Edinburgh Evening News on Flesh

“A higher standard of script, personal tweaks to the characters, and some impressively rigorous acrobatics” Birmingham Telegraph on scratch

“Complex, spiky and lively… Memories are made of this” Belfast Newsletter on scratch

“Funny, edgy, perceptive… really engages… Really amazing” The Herald on KLUB

“…energetic, poetic and very seductive, the fusion of dance, text and music is slickly accomplished, and keeps the show moving at a hectic pace.” Evening Standard on Flesh

“evocative… really inspired writing… very clever use of recorded sound, monologues and physical and verbal parodies of typical experience, a huge amount of ground is covered with wit and verve… an excellent piece of theatre” The Scotsman on KLUB

“This company could power two or three Bransons round the world without a balloon to help.”
The Times on The Generation Trilogy

“..offers something altogether more interesting, intelligent, sexy and sad: a lippy, witty 80 minutes of dynamic dance theatre.. A brash, confident, shove-it-in-your-face show. Highly recommended.” The Guardian on Flesh

There’s no doubting the power of the ideas or the frank, engaging energy of the performers… goes for the adrenaline surge, buzzes with contemporary relevance, but it has intelligence and heart and humour too.The Herald on Flesh


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