Here, you are able to download a number of documents related to my teaching experience.

1. The teaching portfolio.

This portfolio documents my teaching approach and philosophy, teacher training experience and professional experience in university and non-university teaching, as well as in curriculum development, assessment and examinations. The teaching portfolio can be downloaded here.

The teaching portfolio has a number of Appendices.

Appendix 1: Examples of course materials; Appendix 2: 6 essays on pedagogy and classroom interaction. View these here.

Appendix 3: Course evaluations. As part of quality control, students are asked to evaluate courses through various formats, including questionnaires. The feedback for my teaching can be viewed here

Appendix 4: As part of staff development, teaching staff at Danish universities are required to participate in an extended certification programme on didactics and pedagogy. Certification for completion of Associate Professor programme can be found here: download

Appendix 5: The supervisor reference statement can be downloaded here

Appendix 6: Two assessments for the position of Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark can be found here: 2014 and 2015

Appendix 7: Further qualifications and transcripts of study can be viewed here

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